Together with engineer Nicolas Brown, we developed a simulation model and turned it into a training workshop. With our multidisciplinary team, we offered a mathematical model, instructional design, user experience, and development.

Instructional Design

This simulation was conceived in order to replace the reading and analysis of a case study during a training session.

The case study was given an interactive format where the participants of the course are allowed to apply their newly acquired knowledge and see the results of their actions immediately, without fearing the consequences of possible mistakes.

Realistic interactions

The simulator exemplifies interactions that are common during Operational Investigation. That is why users will have conversations with managers and receive reports, just like they would in a real-life situation.

Administration UX

The instructor/administrator can easily check on the status of each of the participants in the course, so that they can offer help when necessary. The course overview is easy and quick, ensuring that their are no delays during the workshop.