XQ Magazine

This online magazine is a digital portal where high school students can publish science papers. These papers are evaluated by a panel of external experts, like they would in an international publication. The challenge was to design the identity and portal in a way that would be attractive to both students and teachers. At 6vStudio we designed the identity, website and also took care of the development.

Favoring Curiosity
The magazine title refers to the fist question a child will make: “Why?”. It’s equivalent in Spanish, “por quĂ©?”, is then spelled the same way teens will spell it on their phones or in social media. “Why” is the question that leads to an investigation, and what they will try to answer while they write their papers.
While the magazine wishes to encourage children to investigate and write scientific papers, scientific magazines tend to be unattractive in teenagers’ eyes. The challenge was to create a youthful identity that, while still serious, would convey that science can also be fun and cool.

After the papers written by students have been revised and approved, they are then published in the magazine.
Since most of the scientific papers don’t include many images, we created a header for each article, with videogame-like pixeled images. Every topic had an image: Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences, etc.
The cover images of each paper were given impactful and attractive colors by applying a filter.