Newsdit App & Platform

Rolbac created a powerful AI that provides personalized news based on topics, public figures and geolocalization. We worked side by side from the very start making all these features available to the user by building an immersive news experience where they could filter through the noise and access only the news they are interested in. We conducted UX interviews, created prototypes, designed the responsive web application, and finally built the app integrating it with their AI API.

News can be interactive

News articles are tagged and geolocalized, and can be seen in multiple customized ways. Maps, lists and custom collections let you choose how you see and organize the news.

Users can follow publishers, topics/concepts and also follow each other and recommend relevant articles.
Have something to say? Every user can create an article and have it reach the entire Newsdit audience.

Using AI to curate news

With journalists and investigators in mind, Newsdit allows readers to select topics, locations and sources and turn them into collections that can be shared and followed the same way a regular topic would be.

A Game of Thrones fan might be interested in following the series, in HBO, the members of the cast and the write. A collection would make sure that all those news can be seen at once.

We worked hand to hand with Rolbac’s team to shape collections, designing a simple interface where all collections could be set, shared and viewed easily.

Android and iOS app

Born as a desktop application, Newsdit was also turned into a native Android and iOS app.

Having so many features, the challenge was to simplify the interface to make it easy to use and understand even on small screens.