Cursify is an online platform that allows you to open your online school in a matter of minutes. We were asked to design Cursify’s promotional site and more importantly yet, create the complete user experience and interface for teachers and students.

The challenge of learning and teaching online

Cursify is a powerful e-learning platform for schools and/or entrepreneurs that allows them to set up their curricula and sell courses online. Cursify facilitates all aspects; from easily organizing the courses’ curricula, to sales, promotion, and student-teacher interaction.

Designing Cursify, we had to focus on the user experience and interface of two very different types of users: school admins and students.

For the admins, we focused on making it very easy and intuitive to upload and organize the curriculum of each course. For students, the main challenge was to allow them to access content in a clear and compelling way. By making it easy to access and see their progress, we made sure that motivation would not be an issue in their learning journey.

Personalization for every school

Besides uploading courses and content, all schools have a wide set of options to customize their marketing strategy and courses in a way that blends well with their brands.

While designing the customization interface, the main challenge was finding the right balance between what is customizable and what is not, because it needs to be easy and intuitive to all types of users, no matter their technical or aesthetic level of experience. It’s about finding the right balance of customization options; too many options would overwhelm the user, but with too few, users would not be able to make their school stand out from the others.

For all schools’ landing pages (marketing pages), users can choose between 2 possible layouts and play around with a set of predesigned content blocks. All blocks are designed in a way that no matter the order, they will look great.