Dream a Dream

Dream a Dream is a charitable trust empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish in a fast-changing world using a creative life skills approach. Seventh Inc. approached us to work on the redesign of their website.

Through consultancy, Seventh Inc. identified the need of a different communicational strategy and Dream a Dream’s desire to stand out as a movement rather than an organization. We worked on translate that into visuals Through brushes, colorful imagery and bold typography we digged into the concept of “changing the script”.

We also worked on the information structure of the site. There were two important goals: one to explain the urgency of the Life Skills matter, and the other to attract donations and volunteers. For that, transparency is a must. We worked on designing easy-to-understand charts and on making a clean navigation for users to find all the relevant information.

Stories of change

Dream a Dream focuses on youth and celebrates the uniqueness of young people. There are no judgements passed by, and the mantra is that “every dream is possible”.

With a Child Centric approach, Dream a Dream programmes are designed to teach kids the life skills, abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour, that will enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Being this the key focus of Dream a Dream, kids needed to be a key factor of the website too by telling people their stories of change.

“You have truly transformed brand ‘Dream A Dream’ with your work. We wanted to look bold, unapologetic, fresh and happy. You have made us look all this and more. The new website is a delight and we have been receiving amazing feedback for the same. People have said that It looks fresh; energetic; Makes the cause come alive; So happy to see a beautiful, inspiring, happy website.”


Vishal Talreja
Cofounder & CEO | Ashoka Fellow
Dream A Dream