TBird Company

TBird Company turns invitations into a fun and easy experience. TBird will let you design, send and track your invitations online, for any kind of event. It was our task to redesign the site and improve the user experience for creating new invitations.

Facilitating the process of decision making

Having developed a tool for personalizing invitations, TBird asked us to work on the user experience of the process, since users where finding it hard to complete. Our job was to make the process more intuitive, adding explanations, clarity and reducing the amount of steps for users.
Instead of overwhelming users with options, we crafted a design system for each invitation. By offering fewer but better options to the users, users were able to create consistently beautiful invitation designs.

We also focused on the event administration in the tool. We designed a control panel for users to easily track all their events, guests and RSVPs. Event hosts now have a panel where they can easily find out who opened the invitations, who accepted the invitation, who didn’t. We also added a system to automatically send reminders of the event.

*TBird has not yet implemented all of the improved designs by 6vStudio on the site.