Aden, Strategy & Sustainability

Together with engineer Nicolas Brown, we developed a simulation model and turned it into a Strategic Positioning training workshop. Starting from a case study, we built a mathematical model, and designed the activity and its interactions.

Instructional Design

ADEN is the business school with the most presence in all Latin America. In the digital age, innovation in teaching is a must, which is why ADEN approached us with a singular request: a simulator that would mix business concepts, a simulated real-life situation and a bit of a game.

In the game we developed together with engineer Nicolas Brown, the student plays the role of a Hotel Manager. His decisions won’t only impact on the Hotel’s economic results but will also affect the whole town in social and ecological terms.

This simulation was conceived in order to replace the reading and analysis of a case study during a training session. The case study was given an interactive format where the participants of the course are allowed to apply their newly acquired knowledge and see the results of their actions immediately, without fearing the consequences of possible mistakes.


Both the student and instructor have a lot of decisions to make and information to keep in mind during the workshop. This is why we focused on building dashboards where all the relevant information would be easy to access.